Guam veterans commission may be scrapped

Some members of the Veterans Commission have called for the resignation of Veterans Affairs director Fred Bordallo.

The Veterans Commission, which has been feuding with Veterans Affairs Office director Fred Bordallo, may be scrapped as the embattled director looks to Adelup to resolve the issue.

Bordallo, in an interview with the Patti Arroyo show on NewsTalk k57, said the commission is in a mess and can’t get its act together.

The VAO director said there’s been so many amendments to the law creating the commission that it has become convoluted and needs to be overhauled.

Bordallo said he might just go to the governor and ask her to issue an executive order to resolve the issue.

He also pointed out that the commission doesn’t require confirmation by the Legislature and committee members are not required to have ethics training.

Former commission chairman Dan Mendiola also called in, agreeing with Bordallo that something has to be done with the commission, which is not moving forward.

In response, veteran and commission member Barry Mead said the commission never had any agenda or minutes when Mendiola was chair until he was appointed by Mendiola.

But Mead said he resigned later because of Mendiola’s failure to follow through on orderly meetings.

Mead also took exception to Bordallo’s statement that the Guam Veterans Affairs Office can get by with the budget it has.

Mead said the current budget only covers VAO’s salaries and benefits and doesn’t cover the funding needed to maintain the veterans cemetery.

With an increase in budget, Mead said the VAO can finally have enough money to buy the equipment and other resources it needs, instead of always relying on donations.