Veteran’s Up in Arms Over Lack of Water at VA Office


Guam – Thursday is veteran’s day and today island veterans lined marine corps drive to protest the lack of water at the veterans affairs office in Asan.

As you may recall the office has been without water for at least a month now and Office of Veterans Affairs director Fred Goffigan attributes this to an overdue water bill at the veteran’s cemetery that has reached nearly 60 thousand dollars. The lack of water has enraged veterans prompting them to gather along marine corps drive in front of the veterans affairs office in Asan.

Veteran Joe Moore says veterans are all too often forgotten. “It seems like anything that has to do with veterans goes out on deaf ears and nobody just pays attention to it look at the condition at the cemetery we’ve been raising Cain over that for ages and ages and ages and it’s still the same way and so now it just transferred to the veteran’s office and they’ve been yelling for staff and now we’re yelling for water and it’s the basic life entities that we need and their out of water how can they function?” said Moore. Goffigan has said that the overdue water bill is a result of a leak that went undetected for months at the veteran’s cemetery.