Vice Speaker Appeals to Esperansa Project To Look Beyond Their Opposition to Abortion


Guam – Vice Speaker BJ Cruz is appealing to the Esperansa Project to “look beyond” the issue of abortion and do something to help provide homes to Guam children who have neither homes nor family lives.

The Esperansa Project is known for its opposition to abortion and conservative values. Last week they sent out a questionnaire to all the candidates in this election to learn their positions on hot-button issues like abortion same sex partnerships, and out-of-wedlock births.

In a release today [Wednesday], Cruz says he filled out the questionnaire and returned it to the group. But he also added a personnel letter.

The letter was addressed to Dr. Marjorie DeBenedictis,  spokesperson for The Esperansa Project.

In that letter,  the Vice Speaker says he asked the group “to look beyond the question of abortion and to step forward and provide homes to those of
Guam’s children who have neither homes nor family lives.”

Read Cruz’s letter to DeBenedictis

The release states that in the letter, the Vice Speaker expressed his hope that of the group’s 1,000 members whose message is one of life and hope, a few will “…understand the plight of these children and step up to the plate” and provide foster homes. Currently, there are thirteen children who live in shelters, five of whom are special needs children. Five of the children have been living in shelters for over a year.”

The Vice Speaker also told Dr. DeBenedictis about his appearance before 300 members of the local Catholic Daughters of America while he served as a
judge “where he appealed to them to become foster parents. According to Cruz, not one of them did so. He is hopeful that members of The Esperansa
Project will come forward to help these children.”