Vice Speaker Applauds GPD’s DUI Crackdown; Says It Affirms Change in Drinking Age to 21


Guam – Vice Speaker B.J. Cruz has sent a letter to Guam Police Chief Frank Ishizaki commending him for the news conference he held yesterday to announce GPD’s new DUI policy which mandates one night in jail for anyone arrested for DUI.

Specifically, the Vice Speaker referred to the statistics announced at the news conference which show that the number of DUI arrests involving people younger than 21 surged from 58 in 2007 to 116 in 2009.

In a release today, the Vice Speaker said he sent a letter to Chief Ishizaki  “thanking his staff for the presentation,” which Cruz says re-affirms the relevance and importance of the recently passed “Ramon Santos Oberiano Act.” 

Read Cruz’s letter to Ishizaki

The new law raised the minimum legal drinking age from 18 to 21. The Vice Speaker chairs the Legislature’s Committee on Youth and he was the main sponsor of the bill.

In his release, Cruz states that the statistics presented by GPD yesterday prove that the enactment of the new drinking age law  “was not only appropriate, but timely.”

He says would have introduced the legislation sooner,  had he known the number of arrests doubled since 2007, adding that “at the rate the arrests are increasing,  we could see as many as 200 people aged below 21 arrested in one or two years.”

Cruz says: “I am convinced more than ever that raising the minimum drinking age was the single most important decision we made for the health and well-being of our people and particularly that of our younger people.” Concluding:  “I applaud all of my colleagues and the Administration for making that decision.”