Vice-Speaker Asks Administration to “Get Real on Revenues”


June CRER now shows $16 million dollar shortfall for this fiscal year. 

Guam – Vice-Speaker B.J. Cruz is asking the administration to “get real on revenues”



Cruz issued a press release highlighting the $16 million dollar shortfall in revenues for this fiscal year. This is based on the June Consolidated Revenue Expenditure Report or CRER. In light of this Cruz is calling on the Calvo Administration to explain how it will make up for this shortfall. The Vice-Speaker further writes that he may need to make adjustments to the FY 2017 revenues “As reliance on Adelup’s rose-colored glasses may prove to be a futile exercise.” Despite the CRER showing a clear shortfall the Calvo administration has maintained that the last months of the fiscal year or July through September will make up for the shortfall. This is something Cruz questions considering that these months are historically bad months for collections.