Vice Speaker Asks AG Whether Bonuses To Department Heads Should Be Re-paid


Guam – In a letter sent today [Wednesday] to the Attorney General of Guam, Vice Speaker Benjamin J.F. Cruz has asked for a legal opinion as to whether bonuses that were given to certain unclassified employees should be repaid if there was no authority to give such bonuses in the first place.

Earlier this month, Cruz asked the AG as to whether Guam’s law to provide merit-based pay was being inappropriately applied to proposed bonuses for certain employees at the Department of Public Health and Social Services.

Read Cruz’s letter to the AG

“Included in the request was a question as to whether unclassified employees are athorized to receive bonuses under the law,”  Cruz wrote in his latest letter.

“In addition to that specific inquiry, I would now like for you to render an opinion on whether unclassified employees should be ordered to repay to
repay their bonuses if such bonuses are not authorized under the law.”