Vice Speaker Asks Congresswoman to Fight for Funds for GMH


Guam – Vice Speaker Cruz has written to Congresswoman Bordallo asking her to fight for more funidng for Guam Memorial Hospital.

In the letter, Cruz refers to a policy statement from the White House issued on Tuesday which said the Obama Administration is committed to address
Guam’s needs “both on base and off.”

Cruz urged Bordallo to bring that Policy Statment to the attention of  key members of the Senate in order to get their commitment to ensuring that buildup related healthcare needs are met.

Read the Letter to Congresswoman Bordallo

In addition to a commitment from the Federal Government, the Vice Speaker Cruz called on Congresswoman Bordallo to push for a provision in the defense bill. Cruz asserted that the provision in the FY2011 Defense Authorization bill must allow for upgrades to Guam’s civilian healthcare and hospital needs and that the military buildup cannot proceed until Guam’s basic infrastructure needs at GMHA are addressed.