Vice Speaker Asks Obama To Support Visa Waiver Program for Guam


Guam – Vice Speaker B.J. Cruz has sent a letter to President Obama requesting support for the Guam Visa Waiver Program for Chinese and Russian Visitors.

In a release, Cruz says he was inspired by a speech from President Obama before the United Nations Sept. 22.

In his letter, the Vice Speaker says he urged the President to support Guam’s efforts to secure a Guam Visa Waiver Program to for Chinese and Russian visitors.

In the speech, President Obama intoned, “As President, I have made it clear that the United States will do our part. My national security strategy recognizes development not only as a moral imperative, but a strategic and economic imperative.”

Read Cruz’s letter to Obama

In his letter, Senator Cruz asserted that while Guam is not one of the sovereign members of the UN, we are one of the colonies of the United States and we would like to be a beneficiary of the munificence that you espoused before the United Nations.

“Mr. President, I agree with your statement that handouts perpetuate dependence,” he wrote. “We on Guam are not looking for handouts as a means to prosperity.”

Cruz wrote that the means for increased economic development on Guam would be readily available to us if the Obama administration would withdraw its opposition to legislation that would allow citizens of Russia and China to travel to Guam under a Guam-only Visa Waiver Program.

Cruz specifically asked that the President direct the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Defense to withdraw their opposition to the Consolidated Natural Resources Act to allow Russians and Chinese to travel to Guam on a Guam Visa Waiver Program Senator Cruz added that while the military buildup promises increased government revenues, jobs, and temporary business activity at the expense of bartering away culture, heritage, and the environment for the United States vision of “moral imperative” for economic justice.