Vice Speaker Asks Who Is Responsible for Certifying or Not Certifying Availability of Funds for Health Insurance Plan


Guam –  In letters sent today to Department of Administration Director Lou Perez and Bureau of Budget and Management Research Director Bertha Duenas, Vice Speaker B.J. Cruz asked who serves as the certifying officer for government-wide contracts such as the recently signed GovGuam group
health insurance agreement.

Cruz cited a law that requires contracts not exceed amounts appropriated for such purposes.

“Please let me know your understanding of this issue,” Cruz wrote in his letters. “I would appreciate your informing me whether your signature on
the health insurance agreement constitutes certification that funds are available for the duration of the agreement.”

Read Cruz’s letter to BBMR Director

The Fiscal Year 2011 group health insurance agreement signed by the Governor exceeds the amounts appropriated in the Fiscal Year 2011 budget law, which was also signed by the Governor.