Vice Speaker Calls on Acting DOA Director Santos to Get the Special Achievement Bonuses Back


Guam – Vice Speaker B.J. Cruz has written a letter to Acting DOA Director George Santos asking him to “confirm” that the Department of Administration “has initiated action to recoup” the Special Achievement Awards bonuses that were given out under the Camacho administration.

Read Senator Cruz’s Letter to DOA Director Santos              

The letter is similar to the one that the Vice Speaker sent last Friday to Attorney General Lenny Rapadas.

In his letter to Santos, Senator Cruz states that the bonues were “unlawfully paid to various employees of the Government of Guam under the Special Achievement Awards.”

On Friday Senator Cruz suggested to PNC News that the bonuses that were given out could be recovered by deducting the amounts from GovGuam employee paychecks.

In his letter to the Acting DOA Director, Cruz included a copy of the opinion from former Acting Attorney General John Weisenberger who concluded that the “Special Achievement Award Program is not a proper compensation program under the Uniform Position Classification and Salary Administration Act of 1991.”

Read a copy of Weisenberger’s opinion

Weisenberger also wrote in his opinion that “steps must be taken by the Department of Administration and those agencies involved in making these awards to recover payments made improperly under the Special Achievement Awards program.”