Vice Speaker Calls Oversight Hearing to Examine Spending by DOA


Guam – Vice Speaker B. J. Cruz is calling for an oversight hearing  of the Department of Administration after DOA failed to respond to his requests for information on the GovGuam’s ability to pay for the GovGuam employees Health Insurance plan.

The oversight hearing is scheduled for next Monday, May 9, in the Public Hearing Room at the Legislature.

Senator Cruz Chairs the Legislature’s Committee on General Governmental Operations which oversees DOA.

In a release, the Vice-Speaker says despite requests made over the course of a number of weeks, DOA has not responded to his inquiries on the Government’s ability to pay for the GovGuam employee group health insurance program.

Read Cruz letter to Acting DOA Director Manglona

In a letter to Acting DOA Director Benita Manglona,  Cruz wrote that he was dismayed to read in Saturday’s PDN that “that an additional $8 Million is needed to pay for retirees’ health insurance benefits and $3 Million additional for line agency employees.”

Especially since “cash reports you have approved and transmitted to the legislature indicate that $4 Million has been collected over projections.”

Manglona told PNC News last week that the $4 million in collections beyond projections are being used to pay expenses incurred under the previous Camacho administration and to pay for un-funded liabilities like the Court mandated payments to the Department of Mental Health.