VIDEO: Vice-Speaker & Congresswoman Will Work to Ban “On-Line” Gambling on Guam


Guam – Vice-Speaker BJ Cruz is pushing for stronger anti-gambling laws.


The Senator has written Guam Congresswoman Madeline Bordallo asking her to introduce federal legislation in order to prevent online gambling from happening on Guam. 

Read Vice Speaker Cruz’s Letter to Congresswoman Bordallo

And Congresswoman Bordallo wrote back saying she agrees that the issue needs to be addressed.  Bordallo offered to meet with Cruz during her next visit to Guam to discuss the details of Cruz’s proposal and how to address the matter.

Read Congresswoman Bordallo’s Reply to Vice Speaker Cruz

Senator Cruz told PNC News Wednesday that he became aware of online gambling when he discovered that an investigation was launched into a local company that had opened an online gambling cafe at the Compadres Mall in Dededo.

The Vice Speaker says the company is connected to Philippine online gaming company PhilWebb. The company calls itself the largest gaming business in the Philippines.

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“I just wanted to inform the Congresswoman and try to solicit her support so she could introduce legislation to make sure that we address this form of gambling. I mean we’ve talked about the various gaming machines but none of us have thought about utilizing these things,” said Vice-Speaker Cruz.

The PhilWebb corporation website indicates that it offers a gold sweeps center on Guam. The website indicates that the sweeps center was launched in October of 2011 through a joint venture with local partners.

VIEW the PhilWebb Corporation’s website HERE