Vice-Speaker Cruz Calls For GMH Transparency Before GMH Bond Borrowing


GMH has failed to provide the Vice-Speaker with financial reports that are required by law.

Guam – Vice-Speaker BJ Cruz has still not received the financial information he requested from the Guam Memorial Hospital. He says without this transparency the hospital can’t expect the legislature to approve a massive borrowing plan.



They’re here before the legislature asking for authority to take out a bond for a $150 million dollars $160 million. It’s like you going to the bank you’re gonna borrow some money what does the bank want? Proof of employment, you’re last two paychecks, probably the last two tax returns,” said Cruz adding, “This is ‘umbre pari I know I work.’ I don’t know how much you make. That’s why I want to see your financial so I know how much I can give you.”

Vice-Speaker BJ Cruz had to FOIA GMH for financial information that is required by law to be published on their website. They finally responded to his FOIA but not with all the information he was requesting. “One page. One page. As of May 31st of this year I wanted to know how it’s been what has happened in July of last year what happened in August September all the way,” said Cruz.

The Vice-Speaker says the law that requires this financial transparency was signed by the Governor. Cruz says GMH filed these reports religiously until after June of 2015 when the GMH board resigned and the Governor and his new management team took over.

“What is it that you don’t want me to know about? When I ask the question about how much was not billed I’d be able to see it in the transparency reports. But to give me one page for the last twelve months?” remarked Cruz rhetorically adding, “But they still want us to get this bill out next week but won’t give us the data.”


PNC asked Cruz what he would do if GMH did not give him the financial data he was seeking. “What would the bank do? Would you get the loan from the bank? Of course not. Not a reasonable bank,” replied Cruz. The Vice-Speaker says the financial reports he’s looking for show how much discounts are given to various people or entities.


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