Vice Speaker Cruz Claims No Effort Made in FEIS To Assess Impact On Tourism


Guam – Vice Speaker BJ Cruz is complaining that the Final Environment Impact Statement does not address the needs of Guam’s tourism industry.

Ina release, the Vice Speaker also says that there does not appear to be any meaningful attempt to gauge the impact of the buildup on the island’s number one industry.

The Speaker has written a letter to Joint Guam Program Office Executive Director David Bice  in which he details his concerns about the lack of study on the effects of the buildup on tourism and other issues.

Read Cruz’s Letter to Bice

The concerns he wrote to Bice about are listed below:

• Inadequate input from Guam’s tourism industry during public comment period.

• Increased traffic to impact tour bus operations and access to key tourist assets.

• No analysis on the impact on the Monthly Excise Tax on Occupancy of Hotel and Similar Lodging House Facilities.

• The impact of increased militarization on Guam’s image as a friendly visitor destination.

• The degradation of Apra Harbor through dredging and the harbor’s continued viability as an attraction for scuba diving and submarine tours.

• The loss of tourism’s workforce and/or wage increases.

• The need for DoD’s support of a Guam Visa Waiver program for China and Russia

In the release, the Vice Speaker is quoted as saying that:

“As the Legislature’s tourism Chairman, I raised a myriad of concerns about the sections presented in the Draft EIS with respect to our single most
important private sector industry,” Cruz said. “In reading the Final EIS to compare to the Draft EIS, I find that the whole public comment process, at
least where tourism is concerned, was a waste of time.”