Vice-Speaker Cruz Not Sure Why Bill 34 Kept from Session Agenda


Guam – Vice-Speaker B.J. Cruz says he doesn’t understand why bill 34 which is the companion bill to bill 33 was not included on this session’s agenda.


Bill 33 was discussed during session yesterday and it would remove the statute of limitations on the prosecution of sex crimes committed against minors.

Bill 34 was not on the agenda and it would remove the statute of limitations for civil suits to be filed against perpetrators of sex crimes against minors. The vice-speaker says that he’s not sure why but the bill did not make it onto session agenda despite unanimous yes votes by the committee who reported the bill.

“As you can see from the voting sheet the committee voted unanimously to pass as I understand it somebody in either rules or in caucus has a problem with the bill I don’t know what it is and if that one person or persons I don’t know who it is has made a determination to overrule nine members of the legislature who voted to pass the bill out of committee,” said Cruz. The Vice-Speaker adds that the bill is important because it will allow those who can no longer pursue criminal prosecution against their perpetrators to instead seek some form of civil actions.