Vice Speaker Recommends Holding Up Buildup Contracts Until Wage Scales Updated


Guam – Vice Speaker B.J. Cruz is recommending holding up buildup contract awards until 9 year old wage scales for H2B workers have been updated.

In a release, Cruz states that “billions in buildup contracts hinge on the Record of Decision, which means millions in income tax revenues could be lost if Guam’s Davis-Bacon wages are not properly updated.”

Read the release from Vice Speaker

A release from the Vice Speaker states that in response to a letter he wrote to Congresswoman Madeline Bordallo about the outdated Davis-Bacon wage scale for Guam, the Congresswoman wrote back to him saying that the U.S. Department of Labor would publish the new 2010 Davis-Bacon wage determination for Guam later this year.

Cruz pointed out that officials from the U.S. DOL were on Guam in May and they announced that the wage surveys were to be conducted in Guam this past summer.

Cruz argues that “If the U.S. Department of Labor is not ready to release the results of its survey, the contract awards should be held in abeyance until the survey results are released.”