Vice-Speaker Cruz Says Adminstration is Not Transparent About GovGuam Finances


Vice-Speaker Yet to Receive Information Despite FOIA Requests

Guam – Vice-Speaker B.J. Cruz says he has yet to receive GovGuam’s final financial reports for fiscal year 2014 despite sending out Freedom of Information Act requests. He says the response he was given was that the reports were merely not available

 Vice-Speaker B.J. Cruz who is also the chair of the budget committee says he needs to know whether or not GovGuam finished last fiscal year with a deficit or a surplus but the Administration won’t release it’s financial reports to him. “We wrote to them on the 12th of January and said we really want to get all of the reports that have not been filed they are supposed to be filed 20 days after the end of the month,” said Cruz.

 The Vice-Speaker says they received a response on the 16th requesting additional time. He then wrote back on the 21st and asked specifically for GovGuam’s cumulative fund balance for FY2014 and the net change in fund balances for FY2014. The response he got was that those reports weren’t available and that the division of accounts was still reconciling and awaiting information from the judiciary and the legislature. So why isn’t the chairman of budget able to get information on GovGuam’s finances?

 “I’m trying to figure out why the only reason thing that I can figure is that they don’t want to be transparent about the fact that they had a second year of a deficit. I mean they actually ended 2013 in a deficit. It was only the late July transfer of money that brought them into a $3 million dollar surplus quote unqoute,” said Cruz.

 The Vice-Speaker says he needs to know whether or not GovGuam actually met it’s revenue projections. He says this information is critical to developing the budget for the coming fiscal year and he says so far the administration has not been transparent with this information. “There’s something going on that we don’t know about and they’re unwilling to be forthcoming about it and I’m hoping that on Monday when the Governor speaks to us he’ll be able to tell us what the state of the finances of this government are because I’ve been trying to discern that by FOIA requests and I’m not getting any answers,” said Vice-Speaker Cruz.