Vice-Speaker Cruz Urges U.S. Labor to Update 9 Year Old Davis-Bacon Wages for Guam


Guam – Vice Speaker B.J. Cruz is urging U.S. Secretary of  Labor Labor Hilda Solis to update the wages posted on DOL’s website for minimum Guam labor wages under the Davis Bacon Act.

In a letter to Solis the Vice-Speaker points out that the Davis-Bacon wage listings for Guam on the U.S. Department of Labor’s website are 9 years old.

And he says they are supposed to be updated annually.

Read Cruz’s letter to Secretary Solis

Cruz also questions the DOL’s use of H2B prevailing wage rates in place of Davis Bacon wages in the first place.

Davis Bacon wages are required for most federal projects. And under the 2010 Defense Authorization, Congress mandated that military construction projects on Guam be subject to Davis Bacon prevailing wages and that the Department of Labor would conduct annual surveys to make such wage determinations.

Read the 9 year old prevailing H2B wages for Guam

Cruz says the Davis-Bacon wages for Guam indicated on Labor’s  website were literally copied from Common Construction Prevailing Wage Rates for H2B workers determined by GovGuam in 2001, even when more recent data was available.