Bill Hopes to Promote Good Parenting By Allowing Leave for Student Activities


Guam – Vice-Speaker B.J. Cruz and Senator Tina Muna-Barnes have introduced a bill that they hope will promote good parenting by allowing GovGuam employees “administrative leave” to attend their children’s school activities.

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Bill 185 or the “invest in good parenting act” allows govguam employees to take time off from work to attend various school activities including parent teacher conferences, competitions and field trips. the idea is to encourage parents to be more involved in their children’s school activities.

“Having served for 15 years as the judge for the family court I’ve noticed that parents have not participated in a lot of their children’s activities and I really think it’s imperative that parents be allowed to and not be discouraged from attending and participating in their children’s education during the work day,” said Vice-Speaker Cruz.

The senator also said the bill is “meant to counter the culture of parental neglect that is prevalent in this generation.”