Vice Speaker Cruz Warns Governor-Elect Calvo of Lower Wages for Local Workers on Buildup Projects


Guam -In a letter sent this afternoon to Governor-Elect Edward Calvo, Vice Speaker Benjamin J.F. Cruz announced that the U.S. Department of Labor will soon be releasing Davis Bacon prevailing wage determinations that in most cases will be lower than Guam’s H2B prevailing wage determinations.

Read Vice Speaker Cruz’s letter to Governor-Elect Calvo

This effectively means that, in most cases and for buildup related projects, H2B alien laborers will be entitled to pay that is higher than it is for local workers. On Veterans Day Cruz was included in conference call with Federal labor officials regarding Guam’s Davis Bacon wage survey which was conducted over the summer.

See wage rate comparison chart

Cruz asked Calvo to include a working group to address this issue in the incoming administration’s transition team and consider exercising his power to deny certification petitions to admit H2B workers. Attached to Cruz’s letter is a list of the Davis-Bacon wage determinations he obtained from federal labor officials that were compared to earlier Davis-Bacon determinations which were copied from Guam H2B wage determinations.

“My desire (as should be yours) is that our people reap the full rewards of this buildup. Clearly, there are those within our island who are eager to work,” Cruz wrote noting the employability workshops and an Employment Expo by the Guam Community College were occurring this week.