Vice Speaker Questions Bice Over Civilian Medical Care


Guam – Vice Speaker Benjamin J.F. Cruz has sent a letter to USMC Major General David Bice asking him to clarify the federal government’s strategy to avoid overwhelming Guam Memorial Hospital during the buildup.

With no federal funding sources identified to upgrade the hospital during the buildup, Vice Speaker Cruz continued to voice his concern about the capacity of the hospital to meet the needs of the civilian community with the additional growth in population.

Read Cruz’s letter to Bice

In his letter Cruz wrote, “The Record of Decision outlines the federal government’s attempt to avoid overwhelming Guam’s potable water and wastewater systems during the buildup through the use of force flow reduction and the Adaptive Program Management (APM) plan to be implemented by the Civil-Military Coordination Council (CMCC). With constraints existing at Guam Memorial Hospital (GMH), will these same management techniques be used if civilian medical care begins to suffer?”

To fund hospital upgrades Cruz proposed that DoD seek the same congressional approval that allowed for a transfer of DoD funds to the Department of
Transportation for the Port of Guam upgrades.