Vice Speaker Seeks AG Opinion On Validity of Bonus Payments to DPHSS Employees


Guam -Vice Speaker B.J. Cruz has asked for a legal opinion on proposed salary bonuses for certain employees of the Department of Public Health and Social Services.

In a release, Cruz said he “applauds and appreciates the work of DPHSS employees with respect to reducing the number of errors in the Department’s administration of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program [SNAP],” but he said he is “concerned as to whether the bonuses, as proposed, are legal.”
In his letter to Attorney General John Weisenberger, Cruz cites a specific law that requires merit bonuses be paid based on 3.5 percent of the classified
employee’s base salary.
Cruz also says he is not aware of any other specific law authorizing bonuses based on merit.
Cruz says he is specifically concerned about whether “the proposed $2500 individual bonuses conform with the law and whether unclassified employees, such the DPHSS Director, is entitled to bonuses in the first place.”