Vice Speaker Submits Resolution Objecting to DoD’s Proposed Historic Preservation Agreement


Guam –  Vice Speaker B. J. Cruz has introduced a resolution objecting to a potential programmatic agreement between the Guam State Historic Preservation Office and the Department of Defense.

According to DoD, the agreement is evidence that it has met its obligations under the National Historic Preservation Act and therefore has determined that the military buildup will not affect historic properties.
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The Vice Speaker insists that historic properties will be affected by the buildup and that further consultation with the local community is necessary in order to determine what impacts will occur.
The resolution states, “I Liheslaturan Guåhan (the Guam Legislature) objects to the execution of the Programmatic Agreement as proposed, and objects to the adoption of the DoD determinations of No Historic Properties Affected and No Adverse Effects Without further consultation with the people of Guam.”