Vice Speaker Urges DOE to Provide Healthier School Meals


Guam – Vice Speaker B.J. Cruz is questioning the method the Department of Education uses to determine nutrient standards in meals provided to school children.

Earlier this year, the Vice Speaker introduced Bill  No. 30-172 which proposes eradicating trans fats from the school food program.

In a letter to Superintendent Dr. Nerissa Underwood, the Vice Speaker thanked the Superintendent for her recent testimony in support of the measure but also encouraged her to provide healthier meal options for students. He  argues that healthy meal options will support both wellness and academic performance.

Read the Vice Speaker’s letter to Dr. Underwood

In a release Cruz states that he is “particularly interested in knowing how the nutritional analyses software you mentioned in your testimony, specifically, NutriKids, measures total fat content, and or saturated fat in foods like Chamorro bisteak, tinaktak, and hot dogs for example, which are currently being served in the public schools.”

“While trans fat may not be present in these foods, total fat content in food is a serious concern especially as our school children battle obesity and have limited access and exposure to nutritious foods” Cruz added.