Vice Speaker Urges Governor to Include Legislative Representative On Health Reform Task Force


Guam -Vice Speaker B.J. Cruz has written to Acting Governor Mike Cruz expressing his disappointment that a representative from the Legislature was not included in the newly formed Health Reform Advisory Task Force.

In a release, the Vice Speaker says the goal of the Task Force is to review national healthcare reform legislation under the Affordable Care Act and
advise how it applies to Guam.

Because new legislation will be necessary to ensure Guam’s compliance under the law, the Vice Speaker Cruz asked Acting Governor Cruz to include a member of the Legislature on the Task Force.

Read the Vice Speaker’s letter to the Acting Governor

In his letter Cruz writes: “I believe that the complexity of the issues surrounding the ACA and the importance of expanding healthcare services to our people requires that the planning process for the ACA implementation be a joint effort of the Administration, the Legislature, and the private sector.”