Vice Speaker Asks For Help from Bordallo & Babuta To Convince Obama to Stop On Guam


Guam – Vice Speaker B.J. Cruz has written letters to Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo and Assistant Interior Secretary Tony Babuta asking for their help in recommending that a Presidential visit to Guam be added to the Pacific Rim travel itinerary this November.

“As the community prepares itself for the largest peacetime military alignment in history,” Cruz wrote, “the Commander in Chief bears a special responsibility to hear the concerns of the civilian community that is contributing so remarkably to the U.S. mission in the Pacific.”

Read the Vice-Speaker’s letter to Babauta

The President is already scheduled to visit India, Indonesia, and Japan next month in a tour that, earlier this year, was slated to include Guam, until events forced the trip’s postponement.

Read the Vice Speaker’s letter to Bordallo