VIDEO: Vice-Speaker Revises His Bill to Allow Joinder Purchasing For WIC Only


Guam – Lawmakers discussed several bills Tuesday and sent six to the voting file in their second day of session.


According to a release sent by committee on rules chairman Senator Rory Respicio the six bills sent to the voting file include Senator Tina Muna Barnes bill 411 which authorizes the governor to transfer vacant properties in the Sagan Linahyan area to the Guam Housing Corporation for affordable housing, Senator Dennis Rodriguez Jr’s bill 407 requiring that drivers convicted of reckless driving be mandated to take a defensive driving course, and Vice-Speaker B.J. Cruz’s bill 430 which now allows only the WIC program to enter into joinder or cooperative purchasing agreements. Cruz originally intended for the bill to allow the entire government of Guam to enter into joinder or cooperative purchasing agreements. “Be assured that I am not laying down on this one I will continue to fight for cooperative agreement but i am willing just to get 430 through on the narrow basis for just WIC to protect the women and children who are involved in this program,” said Cruz. Lawmakers sent bill 415 back to committee the bill is also known as the support the women and save the children act.