Victim assists police in finding Quest card theft suspect

(PNC photo)

Guam – Taking matters into her own hands, Bridget Leanne Wells – victim of a home invasion in Yona on May 25, helps police track down the thief who stole her Quest card and purchased over $700 worth of groceries.

According to court documents, Wells had checked on her Quest Card account online and noticed multiple transactions made on June 3 at various stores.

The suspect made purchases at Payless Supermarket, American Grocery in Dededo, Day Buy Day in Piti, and Yahweh Store in Yona.

Wells was able to get surveillance footage related to the incident, allowing her to track the White Toyota Corolla and the unknown woman who was getting into the vehicle.

Later, Wells was able to locate the vehicle and the woman responsible and contacted police.

Officers later located and apprehended the woman, later identified as Jessica Julie Vicente.

Police interviewed Vicente, who eventually admitted to police that, “after shooting up ice with two individuals, she was shown a Quest Card by one of them. She went online and was able to guess the PIN.”

At the time, the card $800. Vincente later spent $798.73 out of that amount.

Authorities charged Vicente with theft of property and identity theft, as third-degree felonies.