Victim to oppose any plea deal in machete attack case

Dr. Judith Guthertz (PNC file photo)

Dr. Judith Guthertz, a University of Guam professor who was one of the victims of the machete attacks in Mangilao, is opposed to any possible plea deals that may be offered in the case.

Guthertz was one of the victims of the machete attacks who attended a pre-trial meeting held by the Attorney General’s Office.

Although a plea deal is not likely, Guthertz said it remains a possibility and she said if it is offered, she would oppose it and convince the other victims to oppose it too.

“I’m sure the AG was asked about a plea deal but fortunately I have a feeling they would not accept any plea deal,” Gutthertz said.

During an interview with Patti Arroyo on NewsTalk K-57, Guthertz said she is against a plea deal because a lot of people were hurt physically, emotionally and financially.

She added that the perpetrators already have long police records and they may continue to be a menace to the community.

According to Guthertz, the Attorney General’s Office has been very helpful and accommodating, informing the victims that the case is expected to start soon with jury selection.

“The trial could take 10 days to two weeks depending on the number of witnesses and presentations,” Guthertz said.

The UOG professor said her class is also conducting a study of cheap liquor sold in stores.

“Why are they so cheap? Maybe they’re undertaxed? I’ll go to Rev and Tax. We should have proper taxation to discourage easy accessibility to liquor because they’re so cheap,” Guthertz said.

Guthertz also said that she has since learned that a minor was also involved in the incident but was not charged.