Victim’s relatives testify in teen murder trial

The government began with the testimony of Dezree Nauta Palacios, Timicca Nauta's sister.

Day two in the trial of Brandon Michael Acosta continued with testimony from the slain 15-year-old’s family as well as the first officer to the scene.

The government began with the testimony of Dezree Nauta Palacios, Timicca Nauta’s sister. Palacios took a deep breath before providing her testimony of the day before Timicca was found raped and murdered in the makeshift home the two shared. She recounted the last time she saw Timicca alive.

Timicca’s aunt, Jonnalyn Nauta, was also called to the stand. She testified that she heard what she believes was the sound of faint crying.

On cross-examination, Acosta’s attorney William Pole focused his line of questioning on the sound Jonnalyn heard.

“How do you know it was crying…it was a faint noise,” Pole asked.

Jonnalyn answered: “I actually had to really listen…had them go out and check.”

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The government then called GPD Officer Justin Quenga to the stand. Quenga was the first police officer to arrive at the scene. He says that when the report was received it was initially filed as a suicide. He testified towards what he saw at the scene

“As soon as I entered the room…small room cluttered…female individual … she was prone head-faced down on the mattress, the majority of her body was towards the entrance of the room. The items surrounding her looked like clutter…it was her body…her legs were facing towards the wall where I entered the room,” Quenga said.

Officer Quenga also told jurors that the interior of the shack was cluttered and items were everywhere. He could not tell if that was the way the 15-year-old lived or if someone had entered her room and rummaged through it. He said he did notice something unusual, namely a hammer in the front of the shack. He also testified that he did not speak with any of Timicca’s 15 or so relatives while he was on the scene.

Trial will continue tomorrow at 9:30 am.