VIDEO: $12M in 2011 Tax Refund Checks in the Mail; $105M Still Needed for 2012 Refunds


Guam – The Department of Administration Friday mailed out the second batch of $12-million dollars in tax refund checks to island residents.

On Wednesday the first batch of this latest disbursement of refunds went out. DOA is still paying refunds owed for 2011 and prior years. All those checks should be received by early next week.

DOA Director Benita Manglona says this year alone, GovGuam has mailed out $133 million in refunds.  $13-million is still owed for prior years. But looming on the horizon is the roughly $105 million that will be owed for 2012 refunds. The District Court is weighing an injunction requiring payment within 6-months,  a deadline Mangolna says they can not meet.

District Court Judge Consuelo Marshall has not yet issued the permanent injunction on timely payment of tax refunds. She is waiting on GovGuam’s latest response and Manglona says she is working on a declaration for the court which will be filed next week asking for an extension of one-year to pay the 2012 tax refunds.