VIDEO: Gambling at the Carnival; Clientele & Spending Habits Seem to Have Changed


Guam – It’s going to be a long carnival for the operators of the casino gambling hut down at the Paseo. The investors who put up the money and the charitable organization that hopes to reap some of the benefits are hoping for a big pay-off.

But Sinajana Vice-Mayor Robert Hoffman says the initial turn-out has raised some concern that times and spending habits have changed.

Guma Mami is the charitable organization that is supposed to reap benefits from the operations of the casino but the investors behind who put up all they money and who are running the operation are Su Go Quang, a Yigo farmer who sells much of his produce to Payless and Jason Rai who owns a fishing company.

Sinajana Vice Mayor Robert Hoffman who is also Guma Mani President and overseeing the casino operations says the pair don’t have gambling back-grounds.

Their is some concern following the turnout this past weekend. And the clientele and the spending habits of gamblers says Hoffman don’t seem to be the same as their parents. And, says Hoffman Hu and Rai are disappointed with the curtailed hours on what they thought would be a 24-7 operation.

Su and Rai must recover the cost of the $300-thousand they’ve plunked down to win the bid. Hoffman estimates they’ve also shelled out nearly $200-thousand more to build the hut and hire and pay the staff for the 40-day carnival duration.