VIDEO: TakeCare Vote Postponed Until Tuesday; GMH Management Has Second Thoughts About Reinstatement


Guam –  The Guam Memorial Hospital Board met Thursday night. The room was packed with representatives from TakeCare including President Jeff Larsen. And the media turned out in force too.


But the expected vote on whether or not to re-instate TakeCare did not take place.

Acting GMH Administrator Rey Vega told PNC News that 2 board members expressed a potential conflict of interest and could not vote on the issue. As a result, there were not enough Board members to form a quarum. So the decision was postponed until next week when some Board members who are off island will have returned.

In January, the Board voted terminate Takecare’s contract citing what they called the insurance companies “un-reasonable denial of coverage.”

Last week, Vega told us he was prepared to recommend re-instatment. But Friday, he was non-committal.

Vega’s reticence follows remarks made Wednesday by his Chief Financial Officer Siva Karrupan who has taken exception to TakeCare’s media blitz in recent days which Karrupan has called “misleading.” Karrupan said he would not recommend reinstatement.

The Board meets again Tuesday [March 6].  If they reject reinstatement, the hospital’s termination of  TakeCare’s direct payer agreement will take effect March 20th.