VIDEO: Election Reform Bill Debate Raises Prospect of 2010 Election “Review”


Guam – A sweeping election reform measure, Bill 413, has been the focus of the Legislative Session this past week.


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The debate escalated Wednesday with the Election Commission’s [GEC] release of a subcommittee report reveling, among other issues, that more than a thousand voters may have been disenfranchised in the 2010 election after their names were deleted from the voting roles, and those voters were not given notice, as required.

The 88 page report provides a precinct by precinct account of  problems reported during the election.

READ the GEC Subcommittee report HERE (Scroll Down – Precinct reports begin on page 9)

In response to concerns raised by the GEC report, Senator Rory Respicio introduced an amendment to Bill 413 which would require a “review and audit” of provisional and absentee all ballots. And Senator Judi Guthertz  proposed amending the measure to allow the election commission to void already certified results, if serious discrepancies are found when the votes are “reviewed.”