VIDEO: Vendor Threatens Termination of Cancer Drugs for Non-Payment


Guam – A vendor who is owed $2-million dollars is threatening to stop providing chemotherapy drugs to MIP cancer patients unless they are paid, soon.

Acting GMH Administrator Ray Vega told PNC News that it is the Department of Administration, through the MIP program and not GMH,  that owes the money to the vendor.

Vega said that MIP clients who have been receiving cancer medications at GMH are now being referred to Public Health which will supply the cancer medications needed by the out-patient clients.

Vega emphasized that there has been no interruption in drugs for in-patient cancer clients who are still receiving their medications.

Health Committee Chair Senator Dennis Rodriguez Health Committee Chair Senator Dennis Rodriguez said the vendor is “Perezville Pharmacy, MedPharm, that group of companies.”

 He said he is aware of the problem and he been working with Public Health and the Hospital to ensure there is no interruption of cancer medications to those in need.

If the vendor does stop providing the medications, Rodriguez said that he has been assured by GMH that out-patient MIP cancer patients will not be turned away. Acting Administrator Vega also told PNC News that if the vendor cuts off its supply, and GMH has the medications, the hospital will resume providing the medications to the  MIP out-patient clients in need.