VIDEO: Port Now Owns 3 Used Cranes


Guam – There was some good news down at the Port of Guam Thursday morning.

A $21-million dollar agreement was signed for the purchase of the 3 used port cranes that,  up until now, were owned by Matson and Horizon lines.

Port Board Chairman Dan Tydingco and the Port’s new General Manager Joanne Brown spoke about the importance of the agreement.

Not everyone was pleased with the contract signing.

Senator B.J. Cruz has been a strong opponent of the crane purchase.

He has accused the Port of not telling the truth about the cost and condition of the cranes. In particular, the Senator points to a consultant’s report which estimates that the surcharge for un-loading containers will have to increase by 300-hundred percent in order to cover the cost of replacement cranes by 2027.

The agreement signed Thursday includes $12-million dollars for the purchase of the cranes and another $9-million for maintenance.