VIDEO: 2013 Guam Liberation Carnival Being Redesigned


Guam- The layout of the 2013 Liberation Carnival is being redesigned to showcase a state or county fair theme.

Sinajana Mayor Robert Hofmann says construction has already started on the carnival grounds in Tiyan, which is set to open on May 20. The shell of the Liberation Casino is also up.

Hofmann mentions they have committed to weekly fireworks shows once the carnival is open. The council is also planning 2 special fireworks shows for liberation night. He notes they want to make the event better than last year and are laying down the proper infrastructure to ensure it is accessible for the entire family.

“So we’re putting the rides in the middle this time. it’s going to be a lot easier there,” said Hofmann. “We’re actually paving a lot of the areas too. We’re going to be paving in a few days…make it more accessible for persons with disabilities. Make it more stroller-friendly for everybody. We’re also working on getting the electrical system up to par, so it’ll be better lit. So parking areas. We really want to make it look like a real nice state fair, county fair.”

Hofmann adds they also are doing a call out for entertainers to be showcased at the carnival and they will be compensated for their time. He says several liberation related competitions have already been announced. For more information, call (671) 472-6707.