VIDEO: 3 Inmates Test Positive for Ice; DOC Investigating How They Got It


Guam – Three inmates at the Department of Corrections have tested positive for crystal methamphetamine, or ice.

DOC Internal Affairs Officer Jeff Limo says an unannounced, random drug test was conducted on one of the minimal security units in Mangilao. Out of the 40 or so inmates housed there, three tested positive for ice.

Limo notes that an investigation has been launched to determine how the drugs made it into the facility. He said there are only two ways contraband can enter the compound, either thrown over the fence or someone, even an employee, brought it in for them.

“Well there’s only two ways in. One, they’re getting thrown in, or our personnel are harboring it inside the facility,” says Limo, adding that he has not ruled out personnel involvement at this point.

Limo adds that the three inmates will have to go before a disciplinary board and if found guilty, they could be stripped of their custody level. He says the unit the inmates were housed in was just one step closer to a half-way house.