VIDEO: 50% Discount Program on Past Due GMH Bills Rakes in $115K in First 3 Weeks; Maybe Extended


Guam – Guam Memorial Hospital is considering extending its self-pay discount program to make it more permanent.

GMH CEO Joseph Verga tells PNC News that since the launch of the program about 3 weeks ago, the hospital has collected $115 thousand dollars in past due amounts owed by self-pay patients.

The discount program gives un-insured patients 50%  off their medical bills if they pay within 60 days.

“By the end of the program we’re hoping to push this up to near a quarter of a million dollars which is certainly more money than we otherwise would’ve had,” said Verga. “Once the program ends, we are considering making discounts a permanent part of our payment policies that pay within 30 days will still be able to get a 20% discount on their bills.”

The program ends on June 24th. Verga is encouraging uninsured patients to take advantage of this discount before it ends, because no final decision has been made about making it permanent.