VIDEO: $6 Million More in Tax Refunds to Be Mailed Out Friday; Will Cover Returns Filed Through February 11


Guam – Rev and Tax Director John Camacho says that $6 million dollars more in tax refunds will be mailed out tomorrow, Friday.

Camacho said this latest round of refunds will cover 2013 tax returns filed through February 11th.

The last batch of  refund checks went out on May 30th and totaled $8-million dollars. That disbursement paid out refunds owed on returns filed through February 10th.

So this latest $6-million disbursement advances the payouts by only 1 day.

On the K-57 Breakfast Show this morning, Camacho explained that it is taking a while to pay all the February returns because so many people filed during that month. He said that everyone who was expecting a refund was filing at the end of January and in February.

HEAR Rev & Tax Director Camacho on the K-57 Breakfast Show HERE

“I know that early February and late January there was probably an average of  5 to 6 million of refunds that was filed a day … so its going to take a while for us to get out of February,” he said adding, “I think after February its going to calm down a little bit.”