VIDEO: 60 of 260 Piles at Museum Site Maybe Damaged; Contractor Suggests Design Fault; GEDA Will Hold Contractor Responsible


Guam – 60 of the 260 concrete piles that have been driven into the ground to support the construction of the Guam Museum maybe damaged.

GEDA’s Real Property Division Manager Larry Toves says the piles have been classified as “C” or “D” meaning they are considered damaged. He said the contractor, Inland Builders, has agreed to conduct further studies to verify the initial damage report.

“Our position is that the burden is on Inland Builders,” said Toves.

Inland Builders Vice-President Ray Del Carmen told PNC News “We feel that we followed the scope of work. We followed the specifications. The piles were driven to specification. If they’re damaged, there has to be other reasons.”

“Why do they say we are automatically at fault if we followed their specifications? How does that prove that the damage is because of us?” he asked.

When PNC News asked him if he was suggesting that the museum design could be at fault he said “Yes. It could be a design fault.”

“We have every confidence in our sub-contractors. That is their specialty,” said Del Carmen. Watts Constructors is casting the piles,  Healy Tibbits is driving the piles, he said.

GEDA’s Toves said if the piles need to be replaced, the museum construction will be delayed. It will not be completed in December. He said he hopes the museum can open by May of next year.

“We have been going back and forth with the contractor . We will still try and continue to work with them,” said Toves.  But he emphasized that “the responsibility is on the part of the contractor.”  And he said that the additional cost of any repairs will not be born by Guam taxpayers.