VIDEO: 600 Guam Guardsmen Airlifted to California for 3 Weeks of Training Before Afghan Deployment Next Year


Guam- Over 600 soldiers with the Guam Army National Guard left on Saturday to conduct their last annual training and continue with their Afghanistan deployment preparations.

The soldiers are part of the 1-294th Infantry Regiment and were transported by bus and airlifted to the maneuver training center in Camp Roberts, California for three weeks. 

This is the second time a large group of Guardsmen were part of an air movement operation of this nature. Adjutant General Benny Paulino says this training will benefit the soldiers as they continue to learn about light and heavy maneuver operations, live fire ranges, aerial gunnery and drop zones.

“This is part of their training process” said Paulino. “It’s a deliberate training plan that they have and in my view, they’re on the mark as they prepare for the deployment.”

The soldiers are expected to deploy to Afghanistan in early 2013. Their mobilization is considered the largest group of reserve component troops to be deployed from Guam.