VIDEO: Abortion Pamphlets Approved, Will Be Printed Next Week


Guam – The final draft of the abortion pamphlet has just been approved an should be ready for distribution sometime next week, according to Public Health Director James Gillan.

This is the informational pamphlet that doctors will be required to give to women contemplating an abortion at least 24 hours before an abortion can be performed.

The distribution of the abortion booklet is required under The Women’s Reproductive Health Information Act of 2012. Department of Public Health Director James Gillan explains what kind of information is in the booklet.

“It talks about the options, again, very factually, there’s no pushing one way or the other. It’s just saying you do have, if you didn’t know, you do have some options like adoption, the father of the child does have responsibility for child support,” he says. “And then of course it shows the fetus by gestational age so that they can see where they are certain times at their pregnancy. It talks abuot some of the complications that may arise from the abortion depending upon what option they have.”

The final draft was approved yesterday, says Gillan and should be ready for distribution sometime next week. Local physicians will then be required to implement the distribution of the pamphlets to their patients 60 days after it’s printed.

“What I will do is once they’re printed I will issue a press release and I will also do a special delivery press release to those physicians we know are primarily are doing abortions just to make sure that they know,” he explains. “It’ll be available and we’re gonna make sure that if they don’t pick it up we’ll deliver it because it’s clear, the law is clear, 60 days after it’s printed, the requirements of the law are in effect, and there are some penalties for not following the law.”

Meanwhile, a potential lawsuit could arise as a result of the new law. Gillan says he’s been made aware by some pro-choice proponents that a lawsuit could be filed against Public Health. He explains further.

“Intially I think within the first two weeks of the passage of the original bill I had a conversation with one attorney who represents the providers who do this on a routine basis, kinda saying that this could be a an interference of the practice of medicine … and my only response again is I’m following the law. The law is requiring me to do this and I will do it,” he says.

Again, Gillan says he will notify the public once the pamphlets have been printed and are ready for distribution.