VIDEO: Tributes, Remembrances, Pour-In Honoring Ben Blaz


Guam – Tributes and remembrances have poured in from many of those who knew and worked with Ben Blaz.

Governor Calvo & Lt. Governor Tenorio:

“Congressman Vicente Tomas ‘Ben’ Garrido Blaz is one of the most important Guamanians of our time.  He showed us that Chamorros can accomplish any goal we set for ourselves.  He was the first Guam son to earn the rank of General in the U.S. Marine Corps.  He was our peoples’ voice in our nation’s Capitol.  His accomplishments show us that bravery and perseverance are all we need to succeed and for that, the people of Guam will forever be grateful. “

Congresswoman Bordallo:

“Ben was an outstanding leader of our community having served as the first Chamorro to achieve the rank of Brigadier General and was a trailblazer for those in military service … He was a distinguished individual whose wartime experience, knowledge, and passion for Chamorro history made him a great role model throughout generations.” 

Tony Babauta:

“General Blaz’s military career and his years as a public servant, serving as Guam’s Delegate to Congress is a life that should inspire us to serve our island and our country … His passing is a great loss to our island and our nation.” 

Senator Ben Pangelinan:

 “I will always remember Congressman Blaz because no matter what side of the fence or the aisle, he represented the people of Guam with true wisdom and strength. His spirit lives on through our memories of his words and actions.  May we take the time now, alongside his family, to honor his life, his work and his passion for Guam.”  

Guam Supreme Court Chief Justice Philip Carbullido:

“Congressman Ben Blaz served our island with great distinction and honor. As a statesman, he played a tremendous role in the unification of the Guam judiciary when the issue was before the Congress. My condolences go to his children and grandchildren and to his extended family.”  

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