VIDEO: Acting Governor Tenorio Says Bill 513 Vetoed to “Protect the Pocketbooks of the Retirees”


Guam – Acting Governor Ray Tenorio says that the veto of bill 513 was in no way done to protect what Senator Ben Pangelinan has called the monopoly of Calvo’s Selectcare.

Bill 513 would’ve allowed GovGuam employees to choose their health insurance provider from a list of multiple pre-qualified health insurance companies. Currently Calvo’s Selectcare is the only health insurance provider but this year’s contract is under protest.

Senator Pangelinan responded to the veto of bill 513 saying the Calvo administration “Went to great lengths to protect that market and that monopoly and keep that competition out.” The administration contends that it was Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio who reviewed and acted on the measure to avoid any conflict of interest. “The veto of bill 513 is a way to protect the pocketbooks of the retirees who have a fixed income it was a way to protect the employees and the beneficiaries or the people who are dependent on GovGuam employees for not paying more for their insurance it’s not to protect anything else,” said Lt. Governor Tenorio. The Lt. Governor points to a report issued by the Hay group which states that retirees could see their rates go up if bill 513 becomes law.