VIDEO: Acting Governor Tenorio Says He’s Not Aware of Purported $20M in Additional Section 30 Funds This Year


Guam – Acting Governor Ray Tenorio says that he is not aware of a purported additional $20-million dollars in Section 30 funding for GovGuam  this fiscal year. And he denied claims made by Senator Ben Pangelinan who accuses the Administration of with-holding news of additional Section 30 funding in the past.

Senator Pangelinan issued a statement last Friday saying he has information that GovGuam .may get an additional $20-million in Section 30 funds this fiscal year.

He cited that prospect, .as one of the reasons for introducing Bill #309 which sets priorities for spending the extra money,  if it comes through.

Governor Calvo submitted written testimony last week, condemning Senator Pangelinan’s bill and vowing to veto it, if it passes.