VIDEO: Adopt-a-Job Partnership Program Launches For Young Adults, Ages 18-21


Guam- 8 companies have signed up for the launch of the new Adopt-a-Job partnership program.

The idea to help create jobs for the island’s young people was made into reality by Senator Brant McCreadie and Barrigada Mayor June Blas. During a media conference at tu’Re cafe in Hagatna, the pair said this is a public-private partnership between local businesses.

They also say participating company representatives will dedicate 5 hours a week of their time to help train young adults, between the ages of 18 to 21, to get them into the local workforce.

“After three months of this program, the individual will receive a certificate of completion,” said McCreadie. “He then can take that to his new employer and say ‘I’ve completed the Adopt-a-Job program’ and there will be his reference to getting a job.”

By keeping the youth busy, McCreadie and Blas say the program hopes to get young people to stay away from drugs and learn basic job skills.

“They want to go out and work, but because they don’t have that first hand experience, this is one of the opportunities to get into the real working field,” said Blas.

21 year old Charles Blas and 19 year old Pachaolo Taladoc were the first young adults to sign up for the pilot program. Anyone interested in participating can call the Senator McCreadie’s Office at (671) 472-3462 or the Barrigada Mayor’s Office at (671) 734-3859 .