VIDEO: Agana Heights Prepares for Coconut Fair This Weekend, and Sets a Bounty on the Rhino Beetles


Guam – The Agana Heights Mayor’s Office is busy preparing for the Annual Coconut Fair taking place this weekend.

Agana Heights Mayor Paul McDonald said, “You can expect a lot of food made from coconut, we have entertainment, we have additional attraction which is the biggest coconut crab competition, the biggest chicken, heaviest and tallest chicken. If you come out there you’ll see all the displays and lots of coconut products for sale.” 

As Mayor Mcdonald prepares for the Coconut Fair, he has another concern on his mind…the invasive rhino beetles. He said with the lack of effective eradication methods, it’s going to get worse before it gets any better. Mayor McDonald decides to take action in his village with a bounty on rhino beetles.

He said, “We came up with an idea to reduce the devastation that would occur eventually. That is to ask our kids, residents to be proactive and catch the rhino beetles and we’ll pay for it. We have $1000 so that’s 4000 beetles that we can pay for right now.”

For more information on the Coconut Fair or the bounty for rhino beetles, contact the Agana Heights Mayor’s Office at 472-8285.