VIDEO: Aguon Bill Funding Improvements to Veterans Cemetery Passed


Guam – The legislature was expected to go into session today to begin discussions on the FY15 budget however they instead dealt with what Senator Frank Aguon Jr. says it is a time sensitive bill.

Senator Aguon’s Bill 385 was added to the agenda. It appropriates funds to the Guam Office of Veterans affairs to fulfill local matching funding requirements for three separate veterans cemetery grants. 

Senator Aguon says that $150 thousand would be allocated for the expansion of three hundred pre-placed crypts, to improve public restrooms up to code, to add air conditioners and solar power to the administration building, to add solar lights to the cemetery, to build a new maintenance shop and various other rooms and equipment for the Veterans Administration building and cemetery. 


“Of the 260 thousand dollars that is allocated in this legislation, Madame Speaker, the remaining $80 thousand dollars is allocated specifically to prevent further erosion of the cemetary and it’s banks due to the Agana river over flow into the Phillipine sea and to re-enforce and stabilize the banks of the cemetery,” said Senator Aguon.

Bill 385 was passed before lawmakers recessed until tomorrow Wednesday.  

READ the release from Senator Aguon below:

Time sensitive Bill No. 385-32 (COR) passed; GVAO grant anticipated to generate jobs

(Tuesday, August 12, 2014, Hagåtña, Guam) With the approval of a request to waive the public hearing and to place on today’s Session Agenda, Senator Frank B. Aguon, Jr., introduced on Session Floor, Bill No. 385-32 (COR) – an act to appropriate funds to the Guam Office of Veterans Affairs (GVAO) to fulfill funding requirements for three approved Veterans Cemetery Grants (CFDA No. 64.203). Senator Aguon releases the following statement on the passage of this bill:

“I want to thank Speaker Won Pat, Vice Speaker Cruz and all my colleagues for responding to this time sensitive legislation that provides GVAO the funding needed to complete and upgrade our Veterans’ Cemeteries,” said Senator Frank B. Aguon, Jr.

Mr. John Unpingco, Administrator for the GVAO has  submitted a grant application that is now undergoing  the VA’s pre-application process to fund various projects for the Office of Veterans Affairs and the Veterans cemetery however; in order for this grant to be awarded there must be certification (via this legislation) that stipulates that a sum of two hundred sixty dollars ($260,000) be appropriated from the general fund to the Office of Veterans Affairs to fulfill  funding requirement of ten percent (10%) for  three approved Veterans Cemetery grants which, will be reimbursed following approval of the grant application.

Senator Aguon concludes, “The funding from this grant will generate jobs for contractor and sub-contractor personnel – who all pay taxes to the government of Guam. Additionally, I encourage all Service- Disabled Veteran Owned Vendors to take advantage of this upcoming opportunity provided by this grant.”