VIDEO: All “Task Force Guam” Guard Members Now Back on U.S. Soil, Big Homecoming Planned


Guam – Guam’s Army National Guardsmen and Guardswomen previously deployed to Afghanistan all celebrated the New Year on U.S. Soil.

Public Affairs Officer Major Josephine Blas says the Guam Guard yesterday learned that the final wave of soldiers assigned to the 1-294th infantry regiment had arrived at Camp Shelby Mississipi. Close to 600 of the battalion’s soldiers deployed to Afghanistan early last year.

“On behalf of the General we’re just real happy” Major Blas told PNC. “You know its great news to know that… they’re not only all out of harms way but all on U.S. soil.”

According to Blas, details are still being worked out to determine when the soldiers will return to Guam but some of them could be home in the next few days.  No plans have been finalized yet but Blas says Adjacent General Benny Paulino is working on a special homecoming for the men and women.

“Right now because we’re not bringing all of them back together we’re gonna wait til they’re all home, “ Major Blas said. “We’d like to give them a …parade because that’s what they deserve.”

The first wave of soldiers arrived in Camp Shelby for demobilization December 21st and the second wave made it to the camp on December 23rd.